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W7: Issues and Round Table Discussion

This is an optional discussion thread – you are not required to respond; however, if you would like feedback from me and your peers, please feel to post and engage in a discussion. When HR professionals and managers are faced with an issue or trend, the HR professional or manager will prepare an analytical study for their organization in an effort to bring clarity and solutions for the organization as well as identify what actions the organization should take so it is not negatively affected.  Additionally, they will often network with other professionals to seek their perspectives and experiences on the topic, compare their approaches and solutions, as well as identify benchmarks. For this discussion thread, you will provide your problem or thesis statement for your final research paper and/or a summary of what you are hoping to accomplish. In discussing and responding to classmates, you want to provide meaningful feedback and help your classmates to explore their topic and achieve their ultimate goal. W7: The Changing Role of Unions in the American Workplace
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